My PHP Git Hooks

2020-04-11 21:30:00 +0000 UTC

Git hooks are a great way to stop you from doing something you do not want to do. Here is how I set my git hooks for PHP projects.

Pre Commit

To stop myself from committing code that still contains debug messages i.e calls to echo, print, print_r etc. I use PHP CodeSniffer with a custom configuration for a pre commit run.

If I really do want to commit with the functions still live in the code there are 2 options.

  • Commit with git commit -n, this is the no verify flag that will skip the pre-commit hook.
  • Add a comment in the code above the line with the function call //phpcs:ignore

CodeSniffer config


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="Pre Commit" namespace="Tom\PreCommit">
 <description>Dont let me commit this</description>

 <rule ref="Generic.PHP.ForbiddenFunctions">
   <property name="forbiddenFunctions" type="array">
    <element key="delete" value="unset"/>
    <element key="print" value="null"/>
    <element key="echo" value="null"/>
    <element key="print_r" value="null"/>
    <element key="var_dump" value="null"/>
    <element key="create_function" value="null"/>

Git Hook Script


Ensure to set this file executable.

set -e

for file in $(git diff --name-only --cached); do
  if [[ -f $file ]]; then
    #root_dir=$(cd $(dirname "${file}") && git rev-parse --show-toplevel)
    phpcs --report=emacs --standard="${config}" "${file}"

Pre Push

Before I push code upstream I want to ensure the tests (phpunit) are still passing.

To not trigger this check I can run git push --no-verify.

Git Hook Script


Ensure to set this file executable.

set -e

./vendor/bin/phpunit tests

Short and sweet.