My Ergodox Keyboard Setup

2019-08-16 21:49:00 +0000 UTC

I have been using and ErgoDox EZ keyboard as my daily “driver” for a few years now. Here are my notes.

Going Ortholinear

Being an awfully slow typist I decided to try an “ortholinear” keyboard layout keyboard to see if it would help me improve. Ortholinear basically means all the keys are in straight columns rather than the traditional staggered layout.

I figured this would help me memorise key positions better since it was simply down rather than down and slightly to the left, which my fat fingers always had problems with, always hitting two keys at once.

After some research I settled on the ErgoxDox EZ since I wanted a split keyboard for ergonomic reasons and it was ortholinear it fit the bill perfectly. I got brown switches as they seemed the most commonly suggested.

My ergodox ez

My Configuration

The ErgoDox EZ uses QMK Firmware which lets you, with a little know how, customize the keys however you want. My setup has been through a few iterations but here is the final setup I have. Geared towards me doing programming and sysops primarily day to day.

Download the configuration here.

My ergodox layout

  • I utilize 3 layers and switch between them with “hold” toggle keys.
  • I do not use any keys that require moving my fingers away from the “home” row.
  • The second layer is what it generally known as “symbol” layer. I use this the most after the default.
  • The third layer is where I have keys/combos I dont use very often but do need sometimes. For example TTY switching shortcuts.
  • As a general rule I tend to only map keys that are a single linear move for my fingers from the home row. (Excluding numbers and thumb keys).